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ALCAN - Fire Extinguisher Training

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Fire Extinguisher Training

Extinguisher Training Course

Non Accredited


This course equips employees with the necessary knowledge to be able to respond efficiently and effectively should fire become a threat to your business.

We find employees are reluctant to use fire extinguishers due to a lack of knowledge in how to operate them. If the incorrect extinguishing agent is applied to a fire it could result in further spread and danger to life. Therefore it is imperative that employees are equipped with the correct training to be able to make the right decisions in an emergency, prevent further damage to property and ensure their personal safety.

Using a combination of theory and practical learning this Extinguisher Training course is invaluable to improve safety in any workplace.

Who should attend?

This course is valuable for any new or existing employees who may be required to extinguish a fire in the workplace.


  • Respond safely and effectively to an emergency situation involving fire
  • Learn the safety rules of fire fighting
  • Extinguish a fire using fixed and portable fire fighting equipment
  • Improve overall workplace safety
  • Housekeeping techniques to reduce the risk of fire


Theory component
  • Theory of combustion and the fire triangle                
  • Extinguishing methodologies
  • Extinguisher identification
  • Classifications of fire
  • Safety rules of fire fighting    

Practical component
  • Extinguishing live fires using multiple types of extinguishers
  • Use Hose Reels where possible
  • Correct movement and approach when using extinguishers


1.5 hours


Training to be conducted at the client’s premises


To ensure participants get maximum value out of this course the following are required to be provided by the client:
  • Area for hot fire will be required to allow participants to use fire fighting equipment to extinguish a live fire
  • Training or meeting room will be required for theory component of the course
  • Trainees to wear long sleeve tops and enclosed shoes
  • All trainers are current fire fighters with real life fire fighting experience


Upon successful completion of the course, each participant will receive a Certificate of Attendance outlining the aims and outcomes
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