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Emergency / Chief Warden Training

Warden Training Course

Chief/Emergency Warden


This course equips designated wardens and chief wardens with the necessary knowledge to respond efficiently and effectively should your employees be required to evacuate in an emergency.
Emergency evacuations can be chaotic if no designated group of wardens (Emergency Control Organisation) are in place to take charge of the evacuation, search for missing personnel and to conduct head count at muster points. This chaos can result in delay in evacuation, injury to staff and potential entrapment in a fire or building collapse. Therefore it is imperative that wardens are equipped with the correct training to be able to make the right decisions in an emergency, evacuate personnel in a timely manner and ensure their personal safety.
Using a combination of theory and practical learning this Warden Training course is invaluable to improve safety in any workplace.

Who should attend?

This course is valuable for any new or existing employees who may be required to be a part of the Emergency Control Organisation in your workplace.


  • Identify building safety features
  • Identify the responsibilities of the Wardens and Chief Wardens
  • Describe evacuation procedures and sequence
  • Describe actions to be taken upon hearing the alarm
  • Identify the existing fire fighting equipment
  • Understand and execute emergency procedures and requirements
  • Instil confidence to deal with workplace hazards and emergencies
  • Ensure the safe and orderly evacuation of occupants in an emergency


Theory component
  • Building safety features
  • Structure of the Emergency Control Organisation
  • Emergency warning signals and communication systems
  • Types of emergencies that require evacuation e.g. bomb threat, fire, explosion etc.
  • Induction for new wardens in evacuation procedures
Practical component
  • Conduct an evacuation drill
  • Walk through the premises to identify safety features and exit paths


2 hours


Training to be conducted at the client’s premises


To ensure participants get maximum value out of this course the following are required to be provided by the client:
  • Training or meeting room will be required for theory component of the course
  • Maximum 12 learners for optimum instructor to learner ratio
  • Prepare staff for an evacuation drill if required


  • Upon successful completion of the course, each participant will receive a Certificate of Attendance outlining the aims and outcomes
  • References used: Australian Standard 3745-2010 Planning for emergencies in facilities and Occupation Health and Safety regulations
  • A comprehensive report will be issued to outline areas of improvement for the next evacuation drill as well as safety recommendations for the premises

Recommended related training:

Fire Wardens are expected to extinguish fires once occupants are evacuated. We recommend that Fire Extinguisher Training is conducted in conjunction with this course. Contact us today to ask about our package deal specials or to book this course..

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