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Small business fire safety

Small business fire safety

Please follow this checklist to prevent damage to your business that could be caused by fire:

  • Avoid storing or stockpiling flammable materials such as packaging or waste materials in a place that could be accessed by the public. This includes areas immediately outside your business premises.
  • Ensure all machinery is serviced in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations and kept clean. If possible, switch machines off when business is unattended.
  • Secure all doors, windows and other access points when the business is unattended. Also make sure your business has adequate lighting to deter trespassers.
  • Have an adequately serviced fire alarm system such as thermal or smoke alarms, sprinkler systems or a monitored fire alarm.
  • If you store dangerous goods, ensure their storage and handling adheres to legislative requirements.
  • Ensure your business has a written and practiced emergency response procedure and evacuation diagrams. They should contain staff training, designated muster points and emergency contact numbers.

 From the team at ALCAN, thank you for reading this article and stay safe


Working smoke alarms save lives

Working smoke alarms save lives











When you go to alseep, your sense of smell goes to sleep. Therefore, a smoke alarm is your only method of early warning should a fire occur in your home.

According to the Melbourne Fire Services, you are four times more likely to die as a result of a house fire if you dont have a working smoke alarm. A small fire can grow to involve the whole room in as little as three minutes. A smoke alarm provides early warning giving you time to escape.

All Fire services in Australia recommend a photo-electric smoke alarms and in Western Australia, it is compulsary to have them in every home.

Locating and maintaining smoke alarms:

  • Must be located between each bedroom area and the rest of the house
  • Inside bedroom if the person sleeps with door closed
  • On each floor in two storey homes
  • Test smoke alarms every month to ensure correct operation. You can do this by pressing the test button provided on the alarm  
  • Vacuum around your smoke alarm vents every year to keep alarm clean
  • If your alarm has a 9V battery, replace it every year  

Remember, all smoke alarms need to be replaced every ten years. When replacing an existing 9V battery smoke alarm, consider replacing it with a photo-electric smoke alarm with an inbuilt 10 year lithium battery to elimintate the need to replace batteries every year.

If you have any questions regarding home fire safety or smoke alarms, please do not hesitate to contact us on 08 6162 8757 or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




Natural Christmas Tree

Natural Christmas Tree

A lot of Perth families buy Natural christmas trees as they are beautiful and full of character. They also add a wonderful smell to your home. 


If you did buy a nautral tree this christmas, please ensure you water it daily. This will prevent it from drying out and potentially becoming a fire hazard in your home.


Please see this shrt 30 second video on a demonstration of what happens if you only water your christmas tree on a weekly basis.




From the team at ALCAN, have a safe and a wonderful christmas


ALCAN sponsors a local school

ALCAN sponsors a local school

ALCAN Fire & Safety Resources is proud to be a silver sponsor for the Lake Gwelup School Fun Run. Providing fire extinguishers for the event and fire extinguisher training for the staff to ensure everyone's safety at the event. It is a part of our commitment to give back to our community.


Choosing the right fire extinguisher

Choosing the right fire extinguisher















Fire extinguishers are a great tool to combat a fire in it's early stages. But you need to choose the correct one for them to be effective. Below is a list of the most common fire extinguishers found in the workplace and the classes of fire they combat:

  • Dry chemical powder extinguisher. Effective on wood, paper, plastic, flammable liquids and electrical fires. This is the most common fire extinguisher in the workplace 
  • Carbon dioxide (CO2) extinguisher. Effective on electrical fires as well as small wood, paper, plastic and flammable liquid fires. CAUTION: CO2 extinguishers work by displacing oxygen. Care is to be taken when operating this extinguisher in confined spaces
  • Foam extinguisher. Effective on flammale liquid as well as wood, paper and plastic fires. It works by isolating the oxygen from the flammable liquids and in th case of wood, it works by cooling the fuel

It is a best practice, to familiarise yourself with your own workplace to know which fire extinguishers are available and their locations. This will speed up response time.  

Please note, fire extinguishers are notorius for suspect reliability. They need to be serviced every six months by a qualified fire company.

Please feel welcome to contact us today, should you need further fire extinguisher training or to get your fire extinguishers maintained by our Perth based company.


Christmas Fire safety tips

Christmas Fire safety tips












Many of the things we enjoy during the festive season, such as fairy lights, paper hats, candles and decorations, can all be fire hazards if proper care is not taken

Below are a few quick tips to stay safe during this christmas:


  • Take special care with christmas lights. Switch them off when you leave the house and when you go to bed.
  • Buy a reputable brand of christmas lights. Avoid cheap lights which may not meet the highest of safety standards.
  • Christmas decorations which are made of light materials such as paper and cardboard can burn very easily. Keep them away from lights and candles.
  • Give yourself plenty of time to prepare and cook your Christmas lunch. This way you avoid hot fat, boiling water and sharp knife accidents which result from rushing.
  • If you choose to go with a real christmas tree, choose one that is freshly cut. Older trees present a fire hazard. To check if your tree is freshly cut, bounce the bottom of the tree on the ground. If lots of needles fall off, the tree was cut too long ago.
  • Check on elderly family members to ensure their homes are safe and their smoke alarms are working with fresh batteries.
  • Finally in case of a fire, get out, stay out and call 000

Remember, Christmas is a joyius time. A time to celebrate with family and friends. So dont let it be cut short due to negligence. Use these safety tips, in conjunction with proffessional advise from your local fire brigade, and stay safe this festive season.

From the team at ALCAN Fire & Safety Resources, have a wonderful and safe Christmas


Client's feedback on our training

Client's feedback on our training


Here's what our clients think of us!

I attended Chief Warden Training run by Alcan yesterday and thought I’d provide some feedback.

This would be at least the 4th version of warden training I’ve attended at Curtin and it was light years in front of anything that has been provided before. The course was professionally presented,  the content suitably detailed and it was nice seeing everything based around Curtin examples.

The Facilitator encouraged discussion on every topic (and people actually got involved!) and showed a great depth of knowledge.

So congratulations to all those involved in turning what used to be really a waste of everyone’s time into a course where people learn Curtin relevant information.

Simon Longbottom

Boat fire safety check

Boat fire safety check

 Boating is a great way to enjoy summer for all. Sun, water and a relaxing drink with friends.

 Unfortunately sometimes accidents do happen. But there are some measures you can take to avoid those accidents from happening to you. A fire safety check at the start of summer and on regular ongoing basis can reduce the potential of a fire becoming a hazard to you.








This is not an exhaustive list but should get you thinking:

  • Check for loose fuel joints, damaged fuel tanks or deteriorating hoses
  • Don’t let oil or debris build up in the bilge
  • Ensure you have a fire extinguisher fitted and regularly serviced
  • Ensure the fire extinguisher gauge is showing that the extinguisher is full
  • Fit smoke alarms and test them regularly
  • Turn all appliances off before leaving the boat or going to bed
  • Dispose of cigarettes properly and never smoke in bed
  • Maintain all mechanical equipment properly
  • Have an emergency plan with appropriate safety equipment and emergency contacts
  • If you are not confident in fighting a fire, get out and stay out
  • Consider having a grab bag to remove valuable possessions in an emergency
  • Take care when refuelling. Put out any naked flames
  • Clean up any spills or leaks immediately and make sure filler caps are on securely
  • Keep cooking pans and BBQs clean and free of excess oils

Follow these basic safety tips and enjoy boating the way it should be. Safe, relaxing and fun

From the team at ALCAN Fire & Safety Resources, have a wonderful and a safe summer


Fire Extinguisher training. Worth it, or a waste of money?

Fire Extinguisher training. Worth it, or a waste of money?

Fire Safety Training is often seen by the employers as yet another one of those Health and Safety burdens they are forced to carry. Employees on the other hand, often see it as a waste of time or a nice little ‘break’ from the desk, computer or warehouse. Both need to be convinced that taking it seriously could save lives and business assets.

The problem from a Health and Safety point of view is that to deal with a fire someone has to actually get close to it. That puts them very clearly “at risk”. But how big does the fire have to be before it is “too big” and becomes life threatening? Personally I would suggest no bigger than an office sized waste paper bin fully alight.

It is important for staff and building occupants to understand the limitations of their fire equipment and know what to expect when they use them.

In an emergency situation most people are hesitant to use a fire extinguisher because they simply do not have the confidence or the knowhow. They do not understand fire behavior or the different types of fire extinguishers – and that can only be acquired through training.

Training needs to be tailored for each business. There is no “one size fits all” package. Yes, it does have a price tag but it will not break the bank.

The most effective training package is going to be one where the normal roles of staff have been considered and will include at least a basic understanding of the classification and behavior of fire and the manner in which it develops, spreads and grows.

Training can be interesting, effective and lifesaving. At ALCAN, we have been successfully working with our clients to develop fire extinguisher and fire warden training packages tailored to their business needs.

Call us today on (08) 6162 8757 to talk to a specialist trainer and get your business, and more importantly your employees, safeguarded in an emergency situation.


BBQ Safety tips

BBQ Safety tips

With Spring's arrival, we start using our outdoor areas much more and fire up our favourite get together activity.. The BBQ.

Below is a list of checks to carry out before using your BBQ to ensure a fun and safe use:


  • Clean away any grease build-up
  • Ensure the gas bottle is upright and not hanging by the hose
  • Make sure your regulator and hose are undamaged, unkincked and unblocked
  • Check hoses for leaks using soapy water
  • When lighting a BBQ, ensure the lid or cover is open
  • Follow manufacturer's directions and use common sense
  • Ensure BBQ is away from the house, deck railings and out from under eaves and overhanging branches
  • Never leave a lit BBQ unattended


From ALCAN Fire & SAfety Resources, have a safe spring


Award winning business

Award winning business

We are very proud to announce that ALCAN Fire & Safety Resources was a winner at the 2014 Central Eastern Business Association's Small Business Awards.

We are very humbled by the award, and look forward to making our business a greator success through exceptional customer service, incustry knowledge and adhering to high safety standards.


Warning on kitchen fires

Warning on kitchen fires

Please SHARE with family and friends.
This unfortunate accident happens very often yet its easily negated.


Winter Fire Safety

Winter Fire Safety

With the winter season in full swing, please ensure that your smoke alarms are in good working order. Carry out the following simple steps:

  • Test the smoke alarms every month by pressing the test button on the alarm. Instal a smoke alarm outside all sleeping areas.
  • Change the battery every year. A good way to remember is change batteries every April fool's day!
  • Make sure smoke alarms are clean and free of dust or spider webs

    From the team at ALCAN, have a safe winter


We are always happy to support local community activities. We're glad you didn't need to use them!!!
Thank you to ALCAN Fire & Safety Resources for their donation of fire extinguishers to the Lake Gwelup Fun Run & Fete this WA Day long weekend. Your ongoing support is greatly appreciated!
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